Set Goals and Plans into the Future

Experience the Timepop Emotional AI, Making Software Feel More Human


Get matched with friends with Emotional AI

Post your plans and goals into the future. Timpop Emotional AI understands your picture and words across 24 emotional attributes.
Just doodle or share a photo, we’ll add some intelligence behind the scene. With Timepop’s Emotional AI technology you can find people with the same vibes as yours!

Interest matching with Visual AI

When you share your photos and videos to a future date. Timepop’s Visual AI understands your unstructured date. Just by uploading photos and videos. You connect with people across a more sophisticated emotional graph. This keeps you up to date with your palnning and matches you with people interested in the same activities.

“Are you a business?”

Use Timepop recommendation AI

Businesses have a non-intrusive way to talk about their products and services on Timepop. Because of our sophisticated AI technology, we can serve your offering without disturbing our users browsing routine . This means a smoother product introduction and a higher conversion rate!